The motivation to seek therapy comes about because of change. Change is also one thing we can depend on in our lives, with absolute certainty. Sometimes we actively seek it, and it feels good; sometimes it creeps up on us; and sometimes it can be sudden, unexpected, and disturbing. And yet, it can be a challenge to navigate through change while keeping a modicum of balance (sanity!) in the process. It is my aim to compassionately guide you through your unique and personal process of moving through change.

As this process challenges you, you are likely to become overwhelmed by a variety of feelings, which can be difficult to manage alone. My role is to help you to slow down and develop greater understandings of the multitude of feelings that are demanding your attention. In the process, you will get to know and understand some of the different aspects of yourself, allowing for greater self-compassion, calm, curiosity, and forgiveness, all of which are essential elements of positive and effective change.

My experience as a yoga instructor and a massage therapist enhances my ability to see my clients more comprehensively not just as individuals communicating their pain and difficulties with words, but in their fullness as spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual beings living full lives on many levels.

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