Massage Therapy

Hours by appointment only.

Our bodies, comprised primarily of malleable soft tissue, take on form and shape molded by the issues in our lives. As a massage therapist, a favorite truth I like to tell is: “The issues are in the tissues.” and generally I get at least a smile, or sometimes an outright laugh. The recognized humor in this statement speaks to a deeply understood truth. We are shaped by our tensions, physically and otherwise. My goal is to offer you the opportunity to learn to undo some of those tensions. Through receiving touch, your awareness of where and how you hold tension will increase, allowing you to, overtime, begin to consciously change your holding patterns in your body.

Different from either yoga or family therapy, massage does not require much participation on the part of you, the client. Often, being told to just lie still and do nothing creates such confusion in our well-trained bodies and minds, that the undoing of all of our over-doing becomes confusing. Part of the beauty of a massage comes from your actual learning how to intentionally release muscle tension enough so that your body can receive massage. This comes a little more naturally for some.

The difficulty in understanding that we walk around in our lives unwittingly “holding on”, is likely one of the most important diseases of western culture. Your very presence on the massage table will tune you into some of your own personal healing capacities. Your participation in receiving massage may not be quite what it is for talk therapy, or for doing an active yoga practice, yet your mere presence will offer you the opportunity to participate in your healing process.

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